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Monsters of Murka

  • Satire |
  • Subclasses |
  • Pop-Culture |

Monsters of Murka is the heart and soul of our game-creation mission. In the simplest terms, it’s a playable parody of U.S. popular culture, designed for fifth edition. But we stress that those are just the simplest terms, because there’s far more to it than that; this is a far-ranging, exhaustively researched and tested fantasy environment that’s comprehensive enough to make every campaign wildly divergent, but comprehensible enough to appeal to any fan of tabletop RPGs. Designed by a diverse team and full of more satirical elements than you can shake a set of gun-chucks at, Monsters of Murka is, like everything we create at Action Fiction, one of a kind.

Pursue the Murkan Dream

Goblin Cave

  • Strategy |
  • PVP |
  • Dungeon Crawler |

OK, take your favorite team-based, player-versus-player video game. Next, move the action to a deceptively cute high fantasy setting with a rich lore and a cavalcade of unique and interesting characters. Finally, replace all your video game equipment with custom dice, miniatures, ability cards, and plenty of playable board maps. Still with us? Congratulations, you’ve just described, on its most basic level, Goblin Cave: a team-based hero-battling board game reminiscent of games like Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch. One team establishes a party of relic-seeking adventurers, and the other team establishes a party of goofy goblins defending their home. The adventurers believe the relics hold answers to their own mysterious history, and the goblins need the relics to help them find a race of ancient giants. Let the Goblin Chaos ensue.

Let Goblin Cave Chaos Ensue!

Cthulhu Dreamt

  • Original TTRPG |
  • Mystery |
  • Sci-Fi |

In the early years of the third millennium, humanity made a catastrophic scientific breakthrough. Somewhere amidst the waters of the South Pacific, an isolated research station opens a gate to another dimension allowing the Sleeper of R’lyeh into our world. A team of scientists are lost, and Cthulhu awakens, bringing otherworldly destruction into our waking realm. You share a strange dream with others… are they like you? and, more importantly… Will you choose to answer the call?

Answer the Call

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