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What is Cthulhu Dreamt?

Cthulhu Dreamt: THE RPG is a multi-platform, multimedia storytelling experience. You can immerse yourself in the story through music, prose, and connected media allowing for a deep interconnected narrative. 

Built on an original D12 system designed by Adam Baffoni, the game includes a fully-playable campaign and the game rules in one book! Including 10 playable specializations and dozens of fully original creatures, this game retells the classic Lovecraftian mythos through the lens of near future science fiction.

This game is accompanied by a completely original soundtrack written by musician and creator of the metal band Cthulhu Dreamt, Reed Reimer. As you read the game book, you will find QR codes that will link to a song written for that part of the story, making it easy for you and your fellow players to create memorable experiences as you read and play through the campaign.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Story at a Glance

In 2029, physicist Dr. Alya Mudamir, driven by a life-changing personal loss, conducted an experiment she had been building up to for nearly a decade, and it altered the very fabric of our reality.

And almost no one noticed…

…at first

What we do know is that Dr. Mudamir was the foremost researcher in multiversal mathematics; a field of theoretical math that she invented. She, along with her entire research team, disappeared during the accident that occurred on May 27, 2029..

Now, the year is 2034, and the tension on Earth has reached a breaking point. Governments have spent the last several years in a preparation mode, but no one knows for what. No one, except perhaps for a very few with high enough security clearances or the right connections.

Almost as one, large portions of the human race experience a mysterious shared dream, enigmatic and arcane, filled with cryptic metaphors, impossible geometries, and a hundred thousand voices from a single throat. Upon regaining wakefulness, the storm breaks. 

Multiple agencies legitimize sightings of creatures that, until then, had been labeled rumors or hoaxes. Gradually, communication is lost with different locations around the globe, and panic sets in.


Then, you receive THE call…


What do I need?

Cthulhu Dreamt uses Action Fiction’s proprietary Sojourn system, designed by our own Adam Baffoni, to take its players on a journey across the earth of 2034. The Sojourn system is a D12 game system with a focus on travel and exploration.

With one game master and up to 6 player characters, all you need is a copy of the book and its self contained rules, some paper, pencils, and a few spare 12 sided dice.

With our quick-start rules, even players entirely new to the TTRPG genre of games can get started and ready to play in minutes. Our advanced rules allow seasoned veterans a more in-depth look at the system and the ability to fully customize their player character.

Cthulhu Dreamt meets you at any level you wish to engage with it. Will you go down the lore rabbit hole, uncovering the vast conspiracy at the heart of the story? Will you find the bands original album and the first albums liner notes to experience the very beginning of the adventure? Or will you rock out to the original soundtrack? The choice is yours!

Where Did This Idea  Come From?

Cthulhu Dreamt began as a tribute project for Ripley, Reed’s daughter who was lost at childbirth. Using Cthulhu as the proxy for loss, depression, grief, and all things uncontrollable, the world of Cthulhu Dreamt was an easy one to live within and write about.

Reed started with a song, then recruited other talented artists to collaborate in the creation of the soundworld. Writing heavy and varied music as well as an original short story for the first album (January 15, 2021), the catharsis was immediate, and Reed immediately set to work writing the next musical chapter of Cthulhu Dreamt: LIMINALITY (March 31, 2022), bringing on even more people to lift up and support this undertaking..

Cthulhu Dreamt is currently under development. Find out more by joining our Discord, or follow along in its development by joining our Patreon.

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