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Strategic Card-based Combat

Each character comes with a deck of 25 ability cards, and each card comes with two abilities to choose from, making every card played a tactical decision made. Control both your characters, mixing and matching their abilities to try and steal (or defend) the relic!

Will you give an ally more movement, so they can snatch the relic, or will you place a trap behind you to slow down the enemy? Will you choose a hard-hitting attack, or maybe break down a wall, opening up a new pathway for your team?

Dungeon Crawler meets PVP Arena Battling

Goblin Cave combines mechanics from dungeon crawler games and arena battlers, mixing with elements of team-based PVP elements. Every game is high-octane combat action, chasing an objective, with constant back-and-forth twists and turns.

What Does it Come With?

Each copy of Goblin Cave includes a board, tokens for players and relics, two D6 with modified faces and a deck of 25 ability cards for each player.

How Do You Play It?

At the beginning of this team-based board game players are divided into two sides, and each player chooses their class, each with its own distinct fantasy-based capabilities, and gets their stack of ability cards. Each player then rolls a die to determine how many spaces they can move, and can use their ability cards at any point during their turn – attacking, healing, stealing, that sort of thing. The game can end in three different ways:

  • The human team gets its hands on a goblin relic and manages to carry it all the way to the cave exit.
  • One of the two teams is wiped out entirely.
  • Play goes on beyond 20 rounds, at which point goblin reinforcements arrive and teach those thieving humans a lesson.

So Where Did This One Come from?

Goblin Cave is the brainchild of Action Fiction team member Adam Baffoni, who came up with the idea years ago, put it all together with dry erase marker on a vinyl playmat and hand-cut cards, then left it in a bin in his basement for quite some time. When he brought it out years later for a gathering, everyone thought it was absolutely brilliant, and we decided to rebuild it from the ground up for full-scale publication.

Toys Are We is still under development at the moment. You can join our Discord server to get additional information, or follow the games development by joining our Patreon.

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