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What is Monsters of Murka?

Monsters of Murka is a fantastical, yet strangely familiar, land divided into such geographic regions as Sea-Addled, Washtown, Flavor City, Walmoria and Midwesteros. It’s populated by a colorful cast of creatures, including freedom dragons, oil elementals, company-pacted warlocks, paladins of independence, the birdgeoisie, brobarians, affluenza sorcerers, devotees of the Church of Mythatology, and much, much more. Seriously, so much more. Someone once called it “The Blazing Saddles of RPG supplements,” and we like the sound of that a lot.

Who Can Seek the Murkan Dream?

Monsters of Murka gives you the ability to grapple with the challenges of the modern day in a setting that you control, which we feel provides just as many opportunities to be silly as opportunities to be serious. We believe that satire can be a powerful – therapeutic, even – tool when used appropriately. We encourage you to use this book to serve that purpose. Or use this campaign setting to educate others! Use this campaign setting to try out a new identity in a safe and familiar environment! The things you can do with this book are limited only by your imagination.

What Does the Campaign Setting Include?

The 214-page Monsters of Murka campaign setting features a bountiful cache of offerings, including:

  • 15 new playable subclasses
  • New backgrounds, feats, and race options
  • 28 new monsters
  • Over 80 new spells, weapons, and magic items
  • New rules for firearms and explosives
  • A pantheon full of 23 familiar deities
  • All the stale memes you could ever hope for

How Do I Embark on This Grand Adventure?

If you’re familiar with the world’s most renowned and long-running roleplaying system, you’re familiar with the mechanics of Monsters of Murka. It’s designed for fifth edition, so the basic structure is easy to figure out for those who have played before. It’s a new way of imagining the world, whether you want to undertake a serious campaign, recreate your hometown in this new fantasy world, or just retell an exaggerated adventure from your and your friends’ past

Our Monsters

See What You Could Be Up Against

The Tasting Beast

Food Monstrosity

Bearing a strange resemblance to a certain predatory Italian chef and a racist butter lover, the tasting beast is the living embodiment of all that is evil in flavor city. With no regard for nutrition or the social aspect of food, the tasting beast seeks to smother everything in chocolate and bacon grease corrupting every palate it can with its nacho cheese agenda.

  • Smells like Brownies and maple bacon donuts.
  • Twice the Heads, Twice the problematic behavior.
  • Just so much butter.
  • Consumed by thoughts of processed food
  • Trapped under Guillaume Fierre's Chantry

The Werehouse

Household Monster

Beware the full moon in Magnamalus for you may just find yourself face to face with THE WEREHOUSE.  When people spend the night inside of a werehouse they find themselves infected with its foul curse. Under the light of the full moon any person infected becomes a werehouse themselves and seeks out fresh victims to infect.

  • Literally a whole ass building.
  • Have you ever punched a house?
  • Real estate taxes.

Whose Bizarre/Ingenious Idea Was This?

Blame Jaron R. M. Johnson for this one. Monsters of Murka began as a fever-dream-inspired idea to lampoon Donald Trump as a monster in fifth edition. He literally woke up at 4 a.m., wrote a note in his phone, and fell back asleep. The next morning, he read the words “Trunp as dnd monstee” and was inspired to create a series of Trump-parody monsters, such as tromps and trumplins, as well as the Pale Fortress, which is totally not a dungeon based on the White House. He then collaborated with CJ Thomas and Brad S. V. Roberts to build the world that would become this funny tabletop RPG.


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