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Monsters of Murka PDF Bundle

Product Type: PDF



• 3 fully-lillustrated PDF campaign settings!
• 800-pages of campaign settings, from 3 different books!
• Over 40 new playable subclasses
• New backgrounds, feats, and race options
• 100+ new monsters
• Hundreds of new spells, weapons, and magic items
• New rules for firearms and explosives, and more
• A pantheon full of dozens of familiar deities
• VERY Stale memes

Grab all 3 of our Monsters of Murka Campaign Settings! This bundle includes the core Monsters of Murka campaign setting, as well as Monsters of Murka: Restaurants & Retail, and Monsters of Murka: Chromatic Gamut!

The contents of this bundle are identical to each of the associated products. Please do not purchase them separately, as you will not get any additional content. Thank you!

• PDF Files
• File Size: Various
• Ages 12+
• Tabletop Roll Playing Game (TTRPG)
• This is not a physical item. This is a digital PDF download

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