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Monsters of Murka: Restaurants & Retail

Product Type: PDF



• 370-page campaign setting
• 3 new, unique  locations
• 14 new playable subclasses (one for each subclass!)
• New backgrounds, feats, and race options
• 20+ new monsters (including the Walrog, Kaerenites, Funnel Snakes, the Tasting Beast, and more!)
• Scathing comedy that points a finger at Capitalism and all the pain and suffering we must endure daily… Murka! (It’s fun, we swear. You get to punch capitalism in the face… sort of literally.)

Monsters of Murka: Restaurants and Retail is the first major length expansion to the DriveThruRPG Gold-Best Seller and #1 Community DND Product, Monsters of Murka. This new expansion explores three unique locations: The dungeonesque reaches of Walmoria, the bewildering corridors of The Hall of Murka, and the legendary districts of Flavor City.

Start your next campaign in the amazing world of Murka, filled to the brim with bad puns, scathing satire, and legitimately useful parody.

• PDF File
• File Size: 386 MB
• Ages 12+
• Tabletop Role Playing Game (TTRPG)
• This is not a physical item. This is a digital PDF download