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Adam Baffoni


Adam (he/him) is one of Action Fiction’s designers and a good friend of several Action Fiction members. Adam is a poultry farmer by day and an amazing game designer by night (or when he has time). Adam’s main roles include design consultant and mechanic design for various projects.

Notable Projects

  • Designed the Sojourn System
  • Designer for Goblin Cave.

“I’ve been playing and creating games for as long as I can remember, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Being a part of Action Fiction has provided me an opportunity to bring some of those games into the world while working with the most amazing creative minds in the business to improve upon them in every way possible.”


Bailey Megrian

Core Team Member

Bailey (she/fae) is a staff writer at Action Fiction and is excited to bring more diversity to the game design community. Bailey joined the team during the development of Restaurants & Retail and has worked on many projects since. Bailey won the 2021 Queer in Games award and was nominated as the 2022 Designer of the year.

Her roles at Action Fiction include Director of Sensitivity and Accessibility, Head of Patreon Content, and Website development.

Notable Projects

  • Designer for Restaurants & Retail.
  • Project Lead for The Cryptid Chronicle
  • Project Lead and Co-Creative Lead for Chromatic Gamut
  • Character writer for Goblin Cave

“I’m a writer based out of Vancouver, Canada, and I am as Asexual as they come. I love cryptids. Like, looooove cryptids. I’m a huge TTRPG fan and absolutely in love with all things horror and Halloween. Working with Action Fiction is a dream come true and I could not have asked for a more diverse crew! I felt truly at home as a queer, multi-racial woman with this amazing collective of creators!”


Bianca "Bi" Papalardo

Core Team Member

Bianca (she/her) is an illustrator and core team member at Action Fiction. Bianca is the newest member of Action Fiction having joined in the summer of 2022, but she is a familiar face on many past Action Fiction projects. Bianca’s roles include Brand Consultant, Head of Art and Graphic Design, and Key Production Design Lead.

Notable Projects

  • Interior Illustrator for Monsters of Murka
  • Interior Illustrator for Restaurants & Retail
  • Interior Illustrator for Chromatic Gamut
  • Art Director and Illustrator for Goblin Cave

“I’m a young Argentinian Concept artist and Illustrator who joined the industry a few years ago! I started my career with Action Fiction in 2019 and it’s been an amazing experience. Since then I’ve been working on different titles including Dauntless, DC Legends, Eternal, and more. I am a big fan of video games (mostly MMORPGs), board games, and crafts.”


Brad S. V. Roberts

Core Team Member

Brad (they/them) doesn’t really know who or what he is, but he does know that he’s from Columbus, Ohio and that he is one of the founders of Action Fiction. Brad is always working on himself and can usually be found working almost as hard as he should on Action Fiction’s next big project. Brad’s roles include Community Management, Head of Communications and Standardization, and Head of Convention Production.

Notable Projects

  • Project Lead for Monsters of Murka
  • Project Lead and Design Lead for Restaurants & Retail
  • Character writer for Goblin Cave
  • Mechanic and System Consultant for Cthulhu Dreamt

“I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember, and I am always looking for inspiration for my next poem, short story, or lie. I grew up without any comics, anime, or DnD to warm me against the cold wind of this world, but since discovering these things in late high school and college, I’m trying to make up for lost time. I’ve published a couple of poems in my college’s literary magazine and have an unreasonably bratty cat, Cortina, whom I love and spoil rotten.

Generally, I’m running or playing in far too many TTRPG games, or raging against the capitalist machine that refuses to acknowledge its own failings.”


CJ Thomas

Core Team Member

CJ (he/him) is one of the founders of Action Fiction and is a core team member. He is elusive publically but works hard behind the scenes keeping things organized, and lighthearted socially. CJ’s roles include Co-Director of Priority Management, Director of Development and Resources, and Legal Management.

Notable Projects

  • Project Lead for Monsters of Murka
  • Project Lead and Design Lead for Restaurants & Retail

“I’m a writer from southeastern Ohio who has done work in a variety of mediums: From working with Jaron R. M. Johnson and Clark Campbell to create short films in Death Typewriter, to graphic design work, to publishing academic articles on the gaming journalism site With a Terrible Fate. While I keep a variety of creative hats in the closet, what I’m truly passionate about is writing and understanding stories—particularly science fiction and fantasy TTRPGs.

Aside from working on Monsters of Murka, I’m currently working on a sci-fi novel called Ozymandias.”


Jaron R. M. Johnson

Core Team Member

Jaron (he/they) is one of the founders of Action Fiction and has been writing for years, with a passion for creating inclusive and fun games. Jaron currently spends every free minute he has either working on Action Fiction’s next big project or listening to math rock like a big, big nerd. Jaron’s roles include Co-Director of Priority Management, Head of Finance, and Head of Partnership Management.

Notable Projects

  • Project Lead for Monsters of Murka
  • Project Lead and Design Lead for Restaurants & Retail
  • Project Lead and Design Lead for Goblin Cave
  • Project Lead, Co-Creative Lead, and Design Lead for Cthulhu Dreamt
  • Designer for The Red Opera

“I’ve been burning the midnight oil at both ends for over a decade, writing with reckless abandon since my earliest days, creating comics, stories, and poetry as a child. From there, I united with CJ and another colleague, Clark Campbell, to form Death By Typewriter, where I helped write, direct, and score short films. I also spent time working on Centerpiece, a Tim-Burton-meets-Shel-Silverstein graphic novel. I went on to write for With a Terrible Fate, and have spoken on several PAX panels.”


Manuel “Snails” Olonia

Core Team Member

Snails (they/them) staff writer and art department lead at Action Fiction; they joined the company as a designer for Restaurants & Retail and has refused to leave. Snails has worked on many projects since, and is our resident stream personality at Action Fiction. Their roles include Market Analysis, Head of Streaming, and Social Media Management.

Notable projects.

  • Designer and Art Director for Restaurants & Retail
  • Designer and Art Director for The Cryptid Chronicle
  • Co-Creative Lead and Art Director for Chromatic Gamut.
  • Co-Creative Lead and Art Director for Cthulhu Dreamt
  • Character writer for Goblin Cave

“I’m a disabled Non-binary bi-racial queer person, American, art director–how many more identity buzzwords can I fit in here? I like cryptids, TTRPGs, and animals. I guess I super love working with Action Fiction and my team is the bee-knees.”


Tim “Strato” Bailey

Core Team Member

Strato (any/all) is a staff writer at Action Fiction and is our resident unknowable eldritch delight. They joined during development for Restaurants & Retail as a writer and Strato quickly inundated the Action Fiction servers with so many designs and story ideas that we have been unable to process his termination paperwork and likely never will. Strato’s roles include Research and Development, Head of Playtesting, and Head of Special Projects.

Notable Projects.

  • Designer for Restaurants & Retail
  • Designer for The Cryptid Chronicle
  • Designer and Story Development for Goblin Cave

“Born to create, forced to tech support. Musician, actor, gamer, writer, comedian, magician, Wobbly, Air Force brat, coffee lover, philosophy fan, Pinoy, and father. I might even be one of those things. Put me in your project, and watch me get weird with it.”

Motley Crew

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