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Monsters of Murka Core Setting

Product Type: PDF



• 214-page campaign setting
• 15 new playable subclasses
• New backgrounds, feats, and race options
• 28 new monsters
• Over 80 new spells, weapons, and magic items
• New rules for firearms and explosives
• A pantheon full of 23 familiar deities
• Stale memes

Our flagship game, a playable parody of the U.S. and its culture using fifth edition rules. Monsters of Murka reimagines the U.S. as a high-fantasy landscape filled with meme-worthy monsters, comical character classes and an ultimate goal of achieving the Murkan Dream despite the machinations of the villainous Don.

• PDF File
• File Size: 248.9 MB
• Ages 12+
• Tabletop Roll Playing Game (TTRPG)
• This is not a physical item. This is a digital PDF download